LAJAST-Journal of Science and Technology

ISSN-2545-5583 (online)

LAJAST-Journal of Science and Technology

ISSN-2545-5583 (online) Vol. 1 No.1, November, 2017

Table of Content

Cloud Computing Platform: Issues and Trends
Authors: Nwokolo Sunday Anthony, Odo Crescent Onyema, Bitrus Abene

Evaluation of the Earthing Resistance and Resistivity of Some Selected
Locations within Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia Nigeria.

Authors: Engr. Obande O. Jonathan, Engr. Akor Andrew

Effect of ICT as a Learning Tool for Students of Nasarawa State
Polytechnic, Lafia

Authors: Nwokolo Sunday, Allu Solomon, Nuhu Umar Mukail

The Integro-Differential Equations and its Applications to Moving Averages
Authors: Useni P. F., Okolo P. N. and Patricia N.P.

A Comparative Chemical Analysis and Nutritional Values of Local Food
Condiments (Dadawa) Obtained from Locust (Dorowa) Beans and Jute (Rama) Seeds.
Author: Solomon J. Anzene

On a Two-Sex Model for Gonorrhea Transmission Dynamics Incorporating
Treatment and Condom Use

Authors: O. Abu and P.N. Okolo

A Review of Local Dyeing Process in Lafia, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
Authors: Emgba, Smauel Kafu, Solomon J. Anzene

Production and Determination of The Level of Free Acidity in Sabulun Solo (Black Soap)
Authors: Solomon J. Anzene; Emgba Samuel Kafu

Renewable Energy Sources in Nigeria – An Overview.
Authors: Jeremy Namo, Engr. Obande O. Jonathan, Engr. Akor Andrew

On The Relative Performance of Regression and Ratio Estimators of
Population Mean in Stratified Population

Authors: Agada Patience Onuche, Rilwanu Yakubu Mohammed, Oche Danjum Samson

Social Media and e-CRM as a Pre-Requisite for Tourism and
Hospitality Success: A View of Nigeria. (A Reviewed Paper)

Authors: Fimber Stephen Agbu, Damaris Abel Jangnap, Sandra L. Monde

A review of E-learning Technologies Adoption in Nigeria’s Tertiary Education Institutions
Authors: Nwokolo Sunday Anthony, Solomon Allu and Garba Mohammed Rabiu

Virtual Enterprise: A Breakthrough in Engineering
Authors: Engr. Akor Andrew, Engr. Obande O. Jonathan, Jeremy Namo